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Corporate Law
We provide corporate law advice to large and small businesses of all types at every stage of their life cycles. Forming a legal entity such as a corporation, limited liability company or limited partnership may help to shield your personal assets from the risks inherent in operating a successful business. Shareholder agreements, corporate bylaws, and operating agreements can help prevent problems among owners, members and shareholders.

From the creation of a new business to the sale of all of the assets of an existing company, we work closely with our corporate law clients to find practical, innovative solutions to even the most complex problems. For some of our clients, this may mean acting as their outside general counsel, providing legal advice on a regular basis regarding a broad range of issues affecting them. For other clients, it may mean selecting and creating an ownership entity for a single parcel of real estate, applying our extensive knowledge and experience to an important asset acquisition or a significant corporate transaction or developing a franchise agreement, non-compete or consulting agreement.

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